Graphic Designer & Illustrator
East Cost Representative


Let me introduce myself.

I'm Nicholas Fulcher, a Graphic Designer currently residing in New York City. Most of my work has revolved around the three different cultures that mean the most to me. Streetwear, Sneaker Culture, and Hip-Hop Culture.

Guilty by association.

I've worked consistently with a select few businesses & organizations. Below you can get more information about how insanely awesome they are and how I tie into each of them.


Washington D.C.'s premiere sneaker trading, selling, and showcasing event.

Shoe+Topia / Lead Designer

One of the top online Hip-Hop publications/blogs to ever grace the internet. / Design Intern

Uniting, educating, and encouraging the student body through Hip-Hop culture.

SCAD SHHO / President


Here are some of the things that I'm good at.

  • Proper Concepting

    Efficient Concepting

  • Photo Manipulation

    Photo Manipulation

  • Project Organization

    File Organization

  • Web Design

    CSS & HTML Web Design

  • Illustration

    Handlettering & Illustration

  • Instagram

    Instagram Junkie


Below are the projects I've completed in 2013-2014

Resume 2013-2014

If you're looking to hire me for a project or you're simply curious about my upbringing/education in Graphic Design, below I have provided a link to my most current resume. Yes, I've wrestled a wild black bear.

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